HSE Performance

Gazprom Neft’s HSE strategy is committed to achieving Goal Zero: no harm to people, environment and property in working process.

Key focus areas of this effort are set out in Gazprom Neft’sHSE Policy Statement:HSE requirements include, but are not limited to, industrial and fire safety standards, HSE and electrical safety regulations, and emergency response provisions.

  • Safe production based on risk analysis, mitigation and management
  • Reduction of workplace injury and occupational disease rates, accident hazards and environmental impacts
  • Consistent implementation of best global HSE practices
We remain committed to the Goal – Zero mission as the HSE transformation programme is being implemented. To further reinforce the progress achieved, we are launching a series of security projects that will allow us to systematically build obstacles for unacceptable events and ensure that such events will not happen in the future. It is obvious that qualitative changes in security can only occur with developing new digital technologies, as well as increasing competences of the Company’s employees.
Anton Gladchenko Director of HSE Directorate