Cultural transformation

Transition from hierarchical management to facilitative leadership as a new relationship ideology

In today’s world, businesses succeed if they are committed to, and engage all their employees in, continuous improvement. In 2018, Gazprom Neft launched a large-scale corporate culture transformation project.

“Taking the lead means being able to cooperate rather than focusing on any personal goals. Being a team player is a very important quality to have for all employees, from entry to senior levels. Corporate culture is key to this, as it gives employees the understanding of their individual targets along with the clarity about unacceptable and unacceptable ways to pursue them.”
Alexander Dyukov Chairman of the Management Board and CEO Gazprom Neft

Cultural transformation in questions and answers

Deputy CEO for Organisational Affairs at Gazprom Neft, answers questions about cultural transformation

Kirill Kravchenko

What is the purpose of cultural transformation?

Gazprom Neft seeks to become a global leader in HSE, efficiency, and technology of technology. We want to be the frontrunners both in Russia and globally and look to become a role model for others. These goals are only attainable with a shift in our corporate culture.

The transformation will help shape the right type of corporate behaviour to propel the Company towards its goals while also ensuring that this behaviour rests upon the right processes, organisational structure and operational configuration.

What is the centrepiece of the cultural transformation?

The corporate culture and its components play a crucial role in making employees understand their individual targets and the Company’s wider goals along with acceptable and unacceptable ways to pursue them. This level of awareness is something we need to achieve in the course of the cultural transformation.

How would the leadership team need to adjust their behaviour?

«In today’s volatile world, executives need to see a much broader picture than just a few years ago. This includes the ability to assess the pace of technological progress, performance levels in their respective business units and the maturity of corporate relationships, while also seeing the Company’s goals and understanding their role and the role of the team in achieving them. Against this backdrop, management needs to rely on corporate values, primarily collaboration.

Under Gazprom Neft’s leadership model, leaders:

  • are a role model for all employees in terms of commitment to corporate values;
  • build an engaging environment for their teams;
  • focus on continuous professional development.

A true leader is someone who is willing to gain the most advanced and up-to-date knowledge and is open to self-development and change, being able to shift from hierarchical management to facilitative leadership.

How do you build the new corporate culture?

We rely on best global practices, adjusting them to suit our own needs and requirements. Every employee goes through the full cycle of adopting new patterns of behaviour, from acceptance and eagerness to embrace and follow them, to training and practical application. The key success drivers are:

  • revealing the purpose behind the cultural transformation and the Company’s target vision;
  • shaping new employee behaviour models;
  • adjusting processes that formalise new behaviour patterns;
  • maintaining ongoing communication.

We launched corporate culture workshops for managers, gradually enrolling executives of all levels. We encouraged employees to share practical cases that highlight the relevance of corporate values in real life. We launched a project to train our front line ambassadors for change, including HR partners in the Company’s business units and HR heads across our subsidiaries. In 2019, we are launching the search for second-line ambassadors. All employees are eligible to join in provided that they complete a special training programme to become ambassadors.

One key to successful leadership is continuous personal self-improvement. To lead the change, one needs to embrace personal change, always strive for more and never settle.

Evolution of Gazprom Neft’s corporate values