Investment Case

  • Extensive Resource Base
  • Higher Refining Marginas a Result of Refinery Upgrades
  • New Digital Technologiesin The Petroleum Products Sales Chain
  • Managing the Value Chainas a Single Asset
  • Operating Efficiency and Industrial Safety Framework Across All Lines of Business
  • Flexible Decision Making in Investment Activities
  • Ambitious Goals in Environmental Protection and Social Responsibility
  • Growing Operating Cash Flow and Dividend Payments

Market valuation

average analyst share target price
upside potential (vs price as at 25 March 2019)

Market Capitalisation and Shareholder Return

Consistent growth in dividends

Percentage of net profit (IFRS) (%)
Total dividends per share (₽)


net-profit dividend distribution in 2018 (IFRS)

Record-breaking capitalisation

1.6 tn
market capitalisation
As at 31 December 2018

share price growth in 2018

The Company’s position in the industry

EBITDA margin
ROE (return on equity)
ROACE (return on average capital employed)
₽ 1,540.1
EBITDA per barrel of oil produced
8.35 mt
gasoline production in Russia
3.28 mt
production of aviation fuel in Russia
refining depth Based on data by CDU TEK for vertically integrated oil companies.
₽ 799.5 bn
adjusted EBITDA
92.9 mtoe
hydrocarbon production
63.0 mt
crude oil production
39.4 mt
oil refining in Russia