General Meeting of Shareholders

The General Meeting of Shareholders is the supreme governance body responsible for dealing with the most significant aspects of the Company’s activities.

General Meetings of Shareholders of Gazprom Neft held in 2018
Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

09 June 2018

The Company’s annual report and accounting statements for 2017 were approved.

Gazprom Neft’s shareholders supported the recommendation of the Board of Directors to pay dividends in the total amount of ₽ 71.12 bn (₽ 15 per ordinary share, 28% of the Company’s IFRS consolidated netprofit for 2017).

PricewaterhouseCoopers Audit (PwC) was approved as the auditor of Gazprom Neft for 2018.

The shareholders also discussed several other items on the agenda of the Annual General Meeting:

  • new members of the Board of Directors and the Audit Commission were elected;
  • remuneration for the Board of Directors and the Audit Commission was approved.
Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

14 December 2018

The Meeting resolved to:

  • pay interim dividends for nine months of 2018 in the total amount of ₽ 104.55 bn (₽ 22.05 per ordinary share);
  • amend the Charter and approve new versions of the following Company’s by-laws: Regulation on the Board of Directors, Regulation on the General Meeting of Shareholders, Regulation on the Chief Executive Officer, and Regulation on the Management Board;
  • approve Gazprom Neft’s decision to join the Russian National Committee of the World Energy Council.